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Papa.... I Love You!!!!

June 21st, 2015. 
What's so special about this day? Many of us especially in India may not be aware. Or even if we are aware (thanks to the social media and the online retailers!!) we really don't bother much! It's the Father's Day !  It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year!

Ok , now why Father's Day ? Every day he is a father to his children, do we really need a day exclusively to celebrate it ? This question might pop up many minds.

Celebrating Father's Day is of course necessary! Certainly its a special day. Do not see it as yet another day for the retailers to market their products. It is celebrated worldwide to honour the role of a father in parenting. His contribution to the family is indeed a thing to be recognised and celebrated. So why shouldn't we make him feel special on this day. We give so much importance to the Mother's Day . We tell mothers are so special, so great, so dedicated...!! But do we really recognise a father's commitment towards his family? Yes I am a mom too and I know mothers are great! But dads are no less great!

Gone are the days when a father used to be a dominating figure at home. Gone are the days when a father was strict, not helping his wife in the household chores and described himself as the member at home only for the financial support! Gone are the days when only a mother was regarded as the sole nurturer of a child.

The current generation dads are more than dads and the current scenario of the nuclear family set up demands a lot more from fathers, especially when many settle abroad. I know many women out there can really not deny point!

 Right from entering the labour ward they take part in every role of a mother and try to half their burden. There are so many videos seen online these days where husbands stay throughout the labour with their wives encourage them, cajole them for a normal delivery and make them feel cozy. While the wife undergoes immense physical pain the husband is experiencing unimaginable stress praying for the safe recovery of his wife and the safe arrival his baby! That's why every woman wants her husband to hold the baby first when he/she enters this world! And that's when a real father is born! As a result of this magic first touch, even the most inexpressive guy, irresponsible man will turn into the World's best father to his child.  From that instant he becomes a new person. His thoughts, emotions are fully baby centred, family oriented . He gives a helping hand to his better half.
Mommies can never find a better baby sitter than their husbands! Daddies all of a sudden become great singers to sing lullaby to put their baby to sleep. They feed the baby. They do not shy away from nappy changing task. They do everything they could really do!
The rough and tough cuddle from the father would be the most entertaining play a child would love to play. Well, mothers are the heroes of child rearing. But the significance of a father is more seen in the emotional development and well being of a child. No wonder it is said "The father is a daughter's first love and a son's first role model".

This is just a part of what fathers do and there are so many fathers around us who do a lot more.

If you are a child of one such great man then celebrate him, honour him, respect him and adore him. If you are a wife to one such selfless man love him for what he is!
   All mommies and children surprise him on this day to show him how much he means to you all. As this day gives all of us an opportunity to thank the father in our home for the all the unconditional love and support he provides to the family!

  Hug him and say papa, we love you! After all, at the end of the day this is what he expects from us!

If you are one among the men who still thinks parenting is beneath and beyond your dignity, hang on a sec.... Don't you think you have chosen to reject the most joyous duty of your life!

I dedicate this to my husband , who is a great father to my kid! I know who a mom is and how noble she is , for I lost my dad when I was 11, I was brought up by an Iron Lady. But it's him who showed me what's father's love! I see my father in him!
                       Respect to all great dads! Happy Father's Day !

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