Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Dream!

It was 8.45 am. Sanjana got down from the cab and entered the office.
"Good Morning Sanju" . Sanjana turned back hearing the voice. It was Neha.
" I read your blog post yesterday." Neha continued." Rohit had shared in Facebook. It was so nice . All the very best dear. It wouldn't be a surprise to see you as a famous blogger very soon" 
"Thank you very much Neha" replied Sanju humbly with a warm smile.
Sanjana waved bye to Neha and walked to her cubicle. All her team mates rushed to her seat seeing her. " Hey Sanju, yesterday we all read your blogpost. It was really good" said one. 
" we never knew you write so well. This is a very good start" said the other. 
"Keep writing Sanjana . Don't ever stop it!" Said the third. 
She was really happy. She thanked everyone. "They all made my day" thought Sanjana. 
Happily she walked to the pantry to grab a cup of coffee. There she met all her friends from the other project. " Hey the famous blogger has come!  Good morning madam" teased one of friends from the gang. Everyone there appreciated her recent blog work. 
She was much elated . 
Sanjana was working for an IT firm. But Writing has always been her passion. Becoming a famous blogger was her dream and desire ! 
She couldn't believe that so many people read her post and even appreciated her for it. She opened her blog after a while to see almost 50 likes and 5 shares overnight ! " It's only 2nd blog post and this is an incredible response " exclaimed Sanju to herself ! 
Suddenly there was a loud noise "tringggggggggg..."
 Sanju bounced and opened her eyes. She realised it was her mobile 's alarm ringing. Time was 5.30am in the morning." Oh my god! All these were in my dream? ". She was in utmost disappointment. " But Sanju this is too much to expect with a blog of only 2 post" she cursed herself.
Unable to get back to sleep  she rose up lazily. Refreshing ,she sat on the couch with a cup of coffee. She was still unable to believe that was only a dream . She felt it to be so real. Without knowing what to do, Sanjana took her mobile to check for new mails.
She had received two new emails.
She opened the first one. It was from "".
" Dear Sanjana,
              We are happy to announce that your blogpost entry on the topic "Love and Life" is chosen as the best post of the week. Congratulations on behalf of our team.......

She couldn't read further. She read the same lines once twice and thrice." Yes this isn't a dream" she confirmed. She was so excited and happy! She quickly opened the other  email. It was from some unknown email address!
" Dear Sanjana,
                  I am Rita, author of the blog "". I am a freelance writer and I write for ''. I read your recent article that was chosen as the best blogpost of the week at ''. I am impressed with your writing and would like to invite you to submit an article for an upcoming event at , under the section "WelcomeGuests" where guest posts are being published. If u are interested please contact me. For further details you can also visit the website.

Sanjana was flying! Her joy knew no bounds! 
She knew this was indeed the Writer Sanjana's dream come true day! "Thank you God!" Said Sanju  .
                                       Image source:Google 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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